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Advanced Techniques For Skin Care & Cosmetology. At ADVANCED SKIN AND HAIR LASER CLINIC We use State of professional Hi-tech Techniques to enhance that glow and radiance your skin needs.
Skin Whitening Treatments DETAN FACIAL If your skin has been overly tanned and does not have a uniform tone, get a detan skin whitening facial. Pamper yourself and gift your skin the radiance of a glowing complexion again. For best results, and treatment customized to suit your skin type, get to the dermatologist near you. We assure you of the best skin specialist facilities in Nagpur.
Enliven your skin with Carbon Laser Facial Peel Treatment The Carbon Laser Peel treatment is achieved by applying carbon to the skin and allowing it to absorb into the various skin layers. When it does this, the laser can be focused onto the carbon particles in your skin. This will destroy both the carbon particles and any debris blocking your pores, leaving your skin smooth and healthy without affecting the surface. After a Carbon Laser Peel treatment you will notice the following immediate results: Reduction in pore size Increased skin renewal More even skin tone and texture Improved radiance Acne removal Call our skin specialists to book your package deal now. Dr. Chadha's Advanced Skin Clinic Dharampeth, Nagpur. 8033766209
Oxypeeling is a gentle peel that gives instantly radiant results. Oxypeeling Vitamin A Treatment: The epidermis is smoother, its texture and luminosity restored to that of young skin. The tonicity of the dermis is restored, and wrinkles and fine lines are diminished. Oxypeeling Vitamin C Treatment: The skin's firmness and radiance is restored, and brown spots are diminished. Oxypeeling Calming Biommetic Cream: comforts and soothes fragile and reactive skin. Also reach out to us for laser treatments, skin issues, acne treatments, pigmentation and scar treatments. Dr. Chadha's Advanced Skin & Laser Centre, Dharampeth, Nagpur. 08033766209